15 Mentor Texts for Poetry in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Teaching poetry to upper elementary students hasn't always come easy for me. To be honest, I had no idea how to tackle poetry with my third graders when I first started teaching. I knew I needed to gather quality mentor texts for poetry to fully immerse my students in the genre. The trouble was, I… Continue reading 15 Mentor Texts for Poetry in the Upper Elementary Classroom

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How to Easily Fit Vocabulary Instruction and Practice into Each Day

Vocabulary instruction is crucial to helping our students increase their reading comprehension and become better writers. That’s why I think it’s so important to make time for vocabulary instruction every day. Here’s an easy to follow weekly schedule of ideas to help you fit quick, simple, and meaningful vocabulary instruction and practice into each day.

Context Clues

5 Kid Approved Context Clues Activities for Upper Elementary

Context clues has always been something that I've needed to spiral throughout the entire year with my third graders, so finding fun and engaging activities has been a huge priority. I figure a lot of you are in the same boat so I've decided to share some of my best go-to context clues activities with you.