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You and your crew have worked to the bone preparing for the big test. You may be a little crankier and your hair may be a little grayer, but it’s worth it because your students are a lot more prepared. They are ready for this test. Now, it’s time to give them that little bit of extra motivation to do their best.

Get Families Involved

A couple of weeks out, I like to get the parents involved by asking them to send in a small support poster for their child. I send a letter with all the specifics to make sure that the posters do not contain anything that would break testing regulations. They are basically there to act as silent little cheerleaders for the students. These posters live on the wall outside of my classroom to remind the students of the love and encouragement from their families every day.

Give Motivational Notes & Treats

test prep motivation note that reads, "Here's a little encourage "mint." You're going to do great!" with a picture of a mint and some actual mints as a gift.

I also like to give out little treats with motivational notes the day before the test. They always light up when they come in the room and see this little gift on their desks. So stinkin’ cute. Grab these Test Prep Motivational Notes here.


Don’t Forget About Yourself!

You deserve a little treat too! And you definitely need some motivation to get through testing day, because it’s a looong one. Pacing back and forth is excruciatingly boring, but I’ve found the day slightly more tolerable by treating myself to a few favorite snacks (or allowing myself to indulge in the treats given to me by one of my teacher besties). Packing a few snacks and drinks for yourself helps you stay awake throughout the administration of the test. If you’re chewing, you’re not sleeping. 😉

It may also be a good idea to plan a happy hour for the end of testing week. It’s always good to have something to look forward to. And cutting loose with a few friends who know your pain helps release all the stress brought on by testing season.

5 teachers talking and laughing at happy hour

Get After It So You Can Celebrate When It’s Over!

Standardized tests aren’t fun, but life is what we make it. So, let’s try our best to make this year’s testing season the most successful one we’ve ever had. If you missed my previous posts in this test prep series, be sure to check them out with the links below.

If you have any questions or additional advice, drop a comment below. If you know any teachers who are new(er) to preparing for and administering a standardized test, be sure to share this blog series with them. You can link them to it or share it on social media using the buttons below.

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