Reading and ELA

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Interactive Notebooks
These 6 tips will help you use interactive notebooks effectively in your classroom. Perfect for second grade, third grade, and fourth grade teachers!


6 Easy Ways to Help Your Students Understand Plot Structure
How to teach your students to identify the plot’s main events, sequence main events in the story, and understand how events influence future events and help develop the plot. These tips will ensure a deeper level of understanding of plot structure. Great read for second grade, third grade, and fourth grade reading teachers!


How to Teach Visualizing and Sensory Language
Visualizing is so much more than drawing a picture of what you are reading. It is a form of inferring. Readers must identify and use the sensory language provided by the author to infer and imagine the experiences of the characters. This means we need to be digging deeper. We need to teach our students to analyze how and why authors are using imagery in their writing. Here are some ideas to help you take your visualizing and sensory language lessons deeper.