How to Introduce Argumentative Text to 3rd Graders

I love using videos to grab my students’ attention. I don’t usually use anything too long, a quick video that’s only a couple of minutes long usually does the trick. Here’s a short free video for introducing argumentative text to third and fourth graders. (See the transcript at the bottom

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Argumentative vs Persuasive Text: What’s the Difference?

A lot of people confuse the two or use the words interchangeably. The differences between persuasive and argumentative text are subtle but important. And knowing them will significantly impact our teaching of the two genres. So, argumentative vs. persuasive. What’s the difference? Argumentative vs. Persuasive Text The big thing that

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How to Teach Argumentative Text to 3rd Graders

Scratching your head trying to figure out where to start with argumentative text? I’ve got you covered. Here are the steps I took and aspects I thought about as I planned my argumentative text unit. Build Literacy Knowledge Introduce the genre and its essential terms in an engaging way prior

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Free Argumentative Text Passage for 3rd Grade

Scouring the internet for hours only to find argumentative text resources that are geared toward older kids feels like going bathing suit shopping after eating a #3 at Whataburger. Nothing fits, you can’t find anything you like, and you end up in tears. Well, dry those eyes, Beautiful, because your

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10 Easy Ways to Teach Vocabulary in a Meaningful Way

Vocabulary instruction is crucial to helping our students increase their reading comprehension and become better writers. That’s why I think it’s so important to make time for vocabulary instruction every day. Here’s an easy to follow weekly schedule of ideas to help you fit quick, simple, and meaningful vocabulary instruction and practice into each day.

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What Is An Argumentative Text? How to Teach It in 3rd Grade

Today we’ll answer the questions: What is an argumentative text? And how do I teach it to my third graders? (And fourth graders) You’ve spent hours scouring the internet and are about to pull your hair out and/or break your computer. You’re not alone. Searching for resources to teach argumentative

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