The 3rd Grade Reading Interactive Notebook That Will Save You Time

Inside: This third grade reading interactive notebook will save you massive amounts of time while helping you create fun and engaging lessons.

You want to create the best, most engaging reading lessons for your students, but you also want a life. You want to be present at home with your family before dark.

But with the search for appropriate mentor texts, coming up with lesson plans, and deciding what to have your students put into their reading interactive notebooks can take forever.

I’ve been there. Surrounded by books spread across student desks (and the floor) with an endless stream of tabs open in my browser just staring at the blank space in my lesson plans as the sky grew dark.

That’s why I want to share my reading interactive notebook with you. Because you deserve to finish planning and make it home in time to eat dinner before settling in on the couch for this week’s Real Housewives episode.

This Reading Interactive Notebook Will Help You Reclaim Your Nights and Weekends

Let’s start with what your students will get from it. The real meat of the reading interactive notebook.

Common Core and TEKS-aligned, it has everything you need to introduce the reading skills & strategies while providing the students with meaningful practice and helping them create their own valuable reference tools.

Plus, all cutting and gluing is kept simple so you and your students can focus on learning the concepts, reading, thinking, and responding.

Mini Interactive Anchor Charts

prefixes and suffixes tree in the reading interactive notebook

These create valuable visual representations that become incredible resources for your students to reference throughout the year. Students always pay more attention to the things they help create and these are no different.

Interactive Notebook Pages That Can Be Used with Any Text

plot/story elements page in the reading interactive notebook

Provide your students with valuable practice in authentic text. These interactive notebook pages are the perfect way to help your students organize and record their thinking. The perfect tool to add to your reading lesson.

Interactive Pages with Short Texts and Text-Dependent Questions and Graphic Organizers

argumentative text with questions in the reading interactive notebook

Make partner work and informal assessment a breeze with these built-in lessons. (Plus, save yourself some time from having to find yet another thing during planning time.)

Sorting Activities

point of view sorting activity in the reading interactive notebook

Sorting activities provide hands-on learning opportunities that help solidify understanding of academic vocabulary.

Digital Version Compatible with Google Slides™

setting digital interactive reading notebook on google slides™

These digital pages are great to use as a model before creating the physical pages with your students. They can also be used as a supplemental resource for your reading lessons.

Plus, they’ll help you move seamlessly between in-person and virtual learning or provide both simultaneously should that ever be needed again. (Fingers and toes crossed for us all that we don’t relive that nightmare.)

Save Massive Amounts of Planning and Prep Time

This 354+ page notebook is loaded with tools to help you create your lesson plans quickly and efficiently. It’s kind of like having another team member on hand to outsource tasks to.

Book Lists

3rd grade book list for text structures

A book list is included with each standard to help you find appropriate mentor texts to use in your lessons. No more hours spent searching for “books that’ll be good for this.”

Lesson Ideas

author's purpose lesson ideas

Each standard also comes with a set of lesson ideas that you could use throughout the week. These are in addition to what’s included in the reading interactive notebook. Some include hands-on activities while others include links to introductory videos. It’s a great place to check before you get started on your plans with your team.


Every interactive notebook page comes with a picture example to help you guide your students in completing it. These also serve as answer keys for the activities with short texts and sorts.

Get the Reading Interactive Notebook You and Your Students Will Love

Reading Interactive Notebook for 3rd Grade

Give them the fun and engaging lessons they crave. Give yourself the gift of getting home before the sun sets so you can feel like a human again.

Grab your copy here and be sure to let me know what fun things you’re able to do now that you don’t have to spend every waking moment on planning.

Take a peek inside:

Need Help Getting Organized?

Check out this blog post for tips on how to get the most out of your reading interactive notebook.

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