Reading Incentive

Book Talk Lunch Party Invites

Encourage reading over the break without reading logs, requirements, or bribes!

You already set the foundation by sharing your passion for reading with your students throughout the year. Now you just need to add that extra little push to extend that passion through the break. A simple, stress-free way to do this is to hold “Book Talk Lunch Parties” when you come back in to school. Here are some simple steps to hosting successful book talk lunch parties.

1. First, make sure they have access to quality texts over the break.

2. Create your book talk groups.

I suggest splitting your class into groups of four or five for these talks. That way you can each spend a good deal of time talking about your reading. However, if you have a large number of students, you may want to consider making larger groups to avoid spending every day eating lunch in the classroom rather than the lounge. Think about the amount of time you are willing to commit and adjust accordingly. Assign a day for each group to eat with you in the classroom when you come back to school. Be sure to mark down which students are invited to which day because the invites are sure to get lost over the break.

3. Invite your students!

This isn’t a bribe and students shouldn’t need to meet any requirements in order to join in the fun. Everyone wins when everyone is included.

4. Make sure the students understand your expectations for the “book talk parties”.

5. Host the book talk parties!

Now’s the fun part! Your students are already so excited to see you again and will be thrilled to eat with you. They will want to tell you about everything they did over the break, including their reading. Let them talk about their reading AND their lives. Add a little something special to the “party” by bringing cookies or another sweet treat.

Color and black & white invitations are included!

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