The Haunting of Grade Three


The Haunting of Grade Three Novel Study – $5.00

This TEKS and Common Core aligned novel study for The Haunting of Grade Three Novel Study by Grace Maccarone contains 24 pages of meaningful student work, an answer key, and book projects! The questions included in this novel study were created from STAAR stem questions and will inspire thought provoking conversation about the book.

This can be printed out and given as a student packet or it can be used as a guide for questioning during small group/literature circles.

While completing this novel study of The Haunting of Grade Three, students will:

  • use foreshadowing clues to make predictions.
  • locate details using text evidence to support their answers.
  • use prefixes and suffixes to understand the meaning of unknown words.
  • use context clues to determine the relevant meaning of unknown words.
  • distinguish between multiple meaning words.
  • identify and use synonyms and antonyms.
  • sequence the plot’s main events.
  • explain how events influence future events.
  • refer to specific chapters and describe how they build on earlier sections.
  • summarize the plot’s main events.
  • describe the interaction of characters, their relationships, and the changes they undergo.
  • understand how figurative language creates sensory images.
  • make inferences and use text evidence to support their understanding.

This novel study of The Haunting of Grade Three is organized by chapter, grouping chapters 10 & 11 and chapters 14 & 15.