8 Simple and Fun Icebreaker Games for Kids to Use During Back to School Season

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You likely have a thousand things to do to prepare for the first week of school and creating new, fun icebreaker games for kids to play is probably fairly low on your list. Still, you know you should have some icebreaker activities, or at least some icebreaker questions, up your sleeve.

These 8 icebreaker games for kids will help you and your students get to know each other. They’re super easy for you to set up/play and loads of fun for all.

Get to Know the Many Sides of Your Students with a Creative, Yet Simple About Me Collage

all about me collage icebreaker activity

This is my go-to activity for the first day of school because it’s a great way to get to know the kids AND it’s easy enough for them to do independently. I like the all about me activity shown below because it allows for maximum creativity and differentiation. The kids can choose to complete the collage with as many or as few words as they’d like.

Place a blank copy on each desk and project the directions on the board. This way they can get started right away on a creative back to school activity at their seats, leaving you free to greet more students at the door, work on administrative tasks, or organize supplies.

Turn their completed All About Me Collages into an oral communication getting to know you activity by having the students share their favorite piece with the class.

Get these All About Me Collages here.

This or That Icebreaker Games for Kids

This or That? Icebreaker games for kids

This or That icebreaker games are so much fun. And they’re great icebreaker games for kids to form bonds over shared interests.

Plus, with only two options, there is no stress of coming up with the perfect answer.

Display the This or That Icebreaker Game Slides and get your students up out of their seats. Students move from one side of the room to the other as they answer the This or That icebreaker questions. Playing this game after introducing the appropriate ways to move around the room is the perfect fun way to practice.

The This or That Icebreaker Game for Kids shown here has accompanying pictures to ensure ELLs feel confident and included.

Example This or That Icebreaker Questions for Back to School:

  • Pizza or Tacos?
  • Indoor Recess or Outside Recess?
  • Music or Art?
  • Monkey Bars or Swings?

Find Someone Who Icebreaker Games for Kids

find someone who classmate bingo icebreaker activity

Classmate BINGO is a fun “find someone who” icebreaker game for kids that gets them up and talking to each other. They’ll have fun learning about everyone’s talents, families, and interests as they search for friends who can help them complete their Classmate BINGO cards.

I love icebreaker games for kids that get them up out of their seats. The first few days of school are full of so much sitting still and discussing rules. Back to school games that involve movement help them get their wiggles out and keep them from falling asleep as they adjust back to their school-year sleep schedules.

Want to add even more fun? Give each kid a clipboard and head outside.

Who’s Who Icebreaker Dice Games

While I love icebreaker games that get the kids up and moving, I recognize that not all classes are the same and sometimes you need a calmer activity that keeps them in their seats.

This Who’s Who Icebreaker Activity does just that. 

Project a copy or share the PDF on the computer. Then have students take turns rolling the dice to see which bit of information they’ll be sharing about themselves. This takes the stress out of the general demand, “Tell us something about yourself.” Trying to determine what to share in that open-ended scenario can be nerve-racking, even for adults.

Would You Rather Icebreaker Questions for Kids

would you rather icebreaker questions for kids on a laptop

Similar to This or That, Would You Rather Icebreaker Questions limit stress and social anxiety by providing kids with two choices. Changing the format, however, gives you another icebreaker activity that can be played from the kids’ seats.

Would You Rather icebreaker questions also allow you to dig a little deeper and get a little sillier. Instead of “Pancakes or Waffles,” you get “Would you rather have to eat donuts for every meal or never be able to eat another donut?” It also allows for expanding on your choice with your rationale.

I like this icebreaker game for helping students get to know table groups and/or partners. Turn it into a listening and speaking exercise by calling on a few volunteers to share their partner’s answers.

Example Would You Rather Icebreaker Questions for Kids:

  • Would you rather be friends with a monster or an alien?
  • Would you rather have to sing or yell everything you say?
  • Would you rather have a pet lion or a pet shark?

Table Talk – More Fun Icebreaker Questions for Kids

table talk - icebreaker questions for kids projected on a whiteboard

Open-ended icebreaker questions for kids are great for helping your students get to know each other as a back to school activity, but can also be used to help provide opportunities for your students to practice their oral language skills throughout the year.

This Table Talk icebreaker activity allows your students to build relationships with their table partners while they discuss their answers. Keep it going all year by projecting one of the 36 slides per week on “Table Talk Tuesday.”

Example Table Talk Icebreaker Questions for Kids:

  • What is your favorite TV show? Do you get to watch it often?
  • Which cartoon character do you wish was real?
  • If you could have a robot help you with one thing, what would it be?
  • Which book character would you most like to spend the day with?

The Silliest Icebreaker Game for Kids

funny icebreaker game for kids - toilet paper fun facts - image of a kid taking toilet paper

Share Toilet Paper Fun Facts. Yep, you read that right. And no, you don’t share fun facts about toilet paper.

All you need to do to play this icebreaker game for kids is grab a roll of toilet paper.

Pass the roll of toilet paper around the room, having each kid rip off a little for themselves. Anywhere between one and 8 squares will do. Don’t tell them why they’re doing this or what the toilet paper is for. The mystery will add to the giggles and interest as they share this roll of toilet paper.

Then, once everyone has their toilet paper, go around the room sharing facts about yourselves. Each person needs to share one fact per square they took. Be sure to watch the faces of the kids who took the most when you share the activity rules. lol

Build a Positive Classroom Community with Sticky Note Compliments

Once the kids have had a chance to get to know each other a bit with icebreaker games, help them build on their budding relationships with compliments. This is a great way to end the first week of school!

Write a name at the top of each sticky note and put them on the board before the students arrive that day. Then, have each student grab a sticky note from the board when they come in. They are to write a compliment to the student and place it on their desk. Be sure to either ask a student to grab extras or write compliments yourself in the event of absent students. Don’t let anyone be left out.

Fun Ice Breaker Games for Kids During Back to School Help Build Relationships and a Positive Classroom Environment

These fun icebreaker games for kids help your students get to know each other in new and different ways. Whether you opt for icebreaker games that involve movement or stationary icebreaker activities, providing opportunities for your students to build relationships will result in a happier, healthier classroom environment.

Don’t Have Time to Create the Icebreaker Games Yourself?

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Grab this set of No Prep Icebreaker Games for Kids that are ready to print or project and play.

Includes the following Icebreaker Games for Kids:

  • This or That Icebreaker Game
  • Classmate BINGO Icebreaker Activity
  • Who’s in Our Class? Icebreaker Game
  • Would You Rather Icebreaker Activity
  • Table Talk Icebreaker Questions for Kids

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