Looking for a fun Valentine's Day Game for your 3rd Graders?

Your students will love this creative-thinking category-based word game! The object of the game is to get as many points as possible by naming items in specific categories that begin with the given letter before time runs out. This Valentine’s game uses the letters L-O-V-E for the four rounds of each list.

Play all four rounds of each of the four lists or pick and choose the rounds you want to play. A total of 16 to 32 minutes of gameplay is included. (Depending on the time you choose to set for each round.) You can also play bits and pieces at a time. It all depends on how you want to use it and fit it into your day.

Perfect for Your Class Party!

Project the PowerPoint to play the game with the whole class. You can break them up into teams or have them all play independently against each other.

Be sure to set a time limit for each letter! (I suggest about 2 minutes per letter on each list.)

Use the printable student recording sheets or save on copies and have the students number a piece of notebook paper. Choose whatever helps you keep your sanity.

Edit the PowerPoint Game

All of the lists are editable in the PowerPoint, so you can adjust the game for your students as you like. Or, you can add more lists for the future!

Note: The printable lists and student recording sheets are not editable. 

Works Great in Stations!

Printable list cards and student recording sheets make this game a perfect fit for stations.

Note: Printing the list cards in color and laminating makes this game last for years.

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