6 Reading Test Taking Strategies That Work


Why Teach Test Taking Strategies? Teaching your students test-taking strategies equips them with the tools necessary to be successful in the testing environment.  By no means should you “drill and kill” or focus your teaching solely on the test, but you still have the responsibility of preparing them for test day.  Students feel most confident […]



Proper test prep can increase student confidence, relieve testing anxiety, and improve test scores. These dos and don’ts will help you keep your test prep..

Testing Treats & Motivation


You and your crew have worked to the bone preparing for the BIG TEST. You may be a little crankier and your hair is a little grayer, but it’s worth it because your students are a lot more prepared. They are ready for this test. Now, it’s time to give them that little bit of extra motivation to do their best.

6 Amazing Books to Help Students Conquer Test Anxiety


Our students feel the pressure. There are many things I love about teaching but watching eight and nine-year olds trying to cope with test anxiety is definitely not one of them. Read alouds go a long way with helping students calm their fears.

Do Your Students Know the Language of the Test?


Academic vocabulary is huge. A student who understands the development of the plot in a passage can still miss a plot question on test day if he/she isn’t familiar with tier II and III vocabulary such as contribute, develop, conflict, or rising action. We need to make sure we are repeatedly exposing our students to academic vocabulary and teaching them use it in context during discussions.

How to Navigate Test Prep Like a Pro


March Madness isn’t just a term for basketball; its what teachers go through every year during testing season. Don’t get discouraged. You don’t have to be super woman, but you also don’t have to feel like the world is crashing down on you. Know that you are not alone. We’ll discuss strategies to keep you and your kids sane and entertained throughout the testing season in this 5 part series.