What Is An Argumentative Text? How to Teach It in 3rd Grade


Today we’ll answer the questions: What is an argumentative text? And how do I teach it to my third graders? (And fourth graders) You’ve spent hours scouring the internet and are about to pull your hair out and/or break your computer. You’re not alone. Searching for resources to teach argumentative text can drive you crazy. […]

Teaching Plot to 3rd Graders: 9 Tips to Help Them Master It


Forty percent of my students failed the plot assessment. I stared wide-eyed at the grade book with a lump in my throat, fighting back the tears. I had taught the story elements to these 3rd graders all week. What happened? After some reflection, I realized I had made a fatal mistake. I had taught the […]

7 Tips for Visualizing and Sensory Language in 3rd Grade


Visualizing can be difficult to explain and measure with our third graders since it all happens inside the brain. Often, we try to get these thoughts on paper by having students draw what they “see” while reading, but visualizing is much more than that. It’s a form of inferring. Readers must identify and use the […]

How to Add to a Digital Reading Interactive Notebook


Distance learning/virtual teaching means bringing your reading interactive notebook to the digital realm. I have been getting a lot of questions about how to gradually build their notebooks with you throughout the year rather than assigning the entire reading interactive notebook at once. Luckily, Google Slides™ has an add-on feature that makes this super easy. […]

7 Ways to Provide Differentiation During Distance Learning


You’ve been thrown into the deep end of distance learning and have been doing an excellent job of learning how to swim, even if you feel like you’re still drowning. Out of all the challenges presented by distance learning, I think differentiation may be the biggest beast. Nevertheless, it’s an important part of what you […]

5 Easy Ways to Rock Your Third Grade Vocabulary Instruction


Vocabulary instruction is crucial to helping our students increase their reading comprehension and become better writers. That’s why I think it’s so important to make time for vocabulary instruction every day. Here’s an easy to follow weekly schedule of ideas to help you fit quick, simple, and meaningful vocabulary instruction and practice into each day.

5 Fun Context Clues Activities Your Third Graders Will Love


Context clues has always been something that I’ve needed to spiral throughout the entire year with my third graders, so finding fun and engaging activities has been a huge priority. I figure a lot of you are in the same boat so I’ve decided to share some of my best go-to context clues activities with you.