9 Excellent Visualizing and Sensory Language Mentor Texts

These incredible mentor texts are full of sensory language. Your students will love visualizing with these great choices! This sensory language book list includes the reading levels of some of the titles for your convenience while planning. These are not intended to limit choices. I certainly would not rule out

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7 Tips for Visualizing and Sensory Language in 3rd Grade

Visualizing can be difficult to explain and measure with our third graders since it all happens inside the brain. Often, we try to get these thoughts on paper by having students draw what they “see” while reading, but visualizing is much more than that. It’s a form of inferring. Readers

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Plot Structure Mentor Texts

There are so many great plot structure mentor texts out there! It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to these. In an effort to keep the post short, I am only including brief information and suggestions for each book. For more information about the books, click on the titles

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How to Add to a Digital Reading Interactive Notebook

Distance learning/virtual teaching means bringing your reading interactive notebook to the digital realm. I have been getting a lot of questions about how to gradually build their notebooks with you throughout the year rather than assigning the entire reading interactive notebook at once. Luckily, Google Slides™ has an add-on feature

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10 Things to Do on the First Day of School

This is an old post that has been updated to reflect changes at the beginning of the year due to social distancing during in-person and synchronous teaching. The first day of school is usually full of excitement and smiles. It also sets the tone for the entire year. This year

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