9 Argumentative Text Example Articles You Can Confidently Use with Your Third Graders

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Searching for good argumentative text examples that are age-appropriate for third graders takes forever. That’s probably one of the reasons there are many argumentative text resources that mistakenly use persuasive picture books as mentor texts.

Let out a sigh of relief because I’ve found some great argumentative articles you can confidently use with your third graders. Now, you can start planning your argumentative text unit before it’s time to pick up your students from specials.

Argumentative Text Example Articles with a Basic Text Structure

These argumentative text example articles are a great way to introduce the genre because they only argue one side, making the author’s claim easier to identify. I suggest starting with at least one of these before moving on to a more complex structure.

In third grade, you can also just stick with this basic structure for your whole argumentative text unit. This is my preferred choice to really make sure students master identifying the author’s claim, audience, and supporting evidence.

1. Let Them Play – FREEBIE from Cultivating Critical Readers

This argumentative essay argues that recess is good for kids. It will easily grab and keep your third graders’ attention as you discuss the structure of the argumentative article. Plus, it’s FREE. Be sure to grab it below.

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argumentative text example passages about video games

2 & 3. Are Video Games Good for Kids? and Do You Want Your Kid Playing That? – Paired Set from Cultivating Critical Readers

These two argumentative text examples both use a basic structure to argue opposite points about the same topic. This allows you to continue to develop your students’ understanding of the structure and elements of argumentative text while analyzing the different decisions made by the author in each argument.

Get this paired set here.

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4 & 5. The Ultimate Classroom Helpers and Please Don’t Bring That Animal into Your Classroom – Paired Set from Cultivating Critical Readers

This set also pairs two argumentative text examples about the same topic – classroom pets. Each article has a basic argumentative text structure, helping students identify the author’s intended audience, claim, and supporting evidence. Pairing the two together allows for analysis and comparison of how the author supported her argument.

Get this paired set here.

Argumentative Text Example Articles That Argue Both Sides in the Same Passage

These argumentative text examples contain both sides of the argument in one article. I would only move on to this style after your students have a good understanding of the basic structure of an argumentative text.

6. Snooze Alarm – from

This argumentative text example discusses the pros and cons of school starting later in the morning so teens can get more sleep.

Read it here:!articleTab:content/

7. A Dodgy Call – from

This argumentative article provides arguments both for and against banning dodgeball in school.

Read it here:!articleTab:content/

8. Taking Out the Trash Talk? – from

Should trash talk be banned in pro sports? Read both sides in this argumentative essay.

Read it here:!articleTab:content/

9. Fashion Do or Don’t? – from

This argumentative text example will engage your students in a discussion about whether students should wear uniforms to school.

Read it here:!articleTab:content/

Confused as to why you didn’t see The Day the Crayons Quit or the I Wanna Books on this list?

While I absolutely love these books, they belong with your persuasive text unit. Read more here about the differences between persuasive and argumentative texts.

Choose an Argumentative Text Example and Get Started

Choose the structure that best suits your lesson. I like to start with the basic structure that only argues one side to help the students identify the author’s claim. Once your students understand how to identify the author’s claim, intended audience, and supporting evidence, you can move on to the more complicated structure that argues both sides of the coin.

After you’ve chosen a great argumentative text example to use with your third graders, it’s time to get to work planning your unit. Be sure to check out the two blog posts below if you want some guidance as you plan.

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